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Holistica Aimee offers resources for a variety of organic and natural foods, supplements, and vitamins. We also specialize in fertility issues,  and offer a holistic alternative to drugs or invasive surgery. Check out our information on a more natural way to have a baby, such as:


Looking for trusted health food brands? Check out Eden Foods, Pacific Natural Foods, Organic Valley, Tree of Life, Bob's Red Mill, Thai Kitchen, Annie's, Nature's Way and Source Naturals, for all your healthy ingredients.


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Troubles Getting Pregnant? We Can Help!


It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples have fertility problems. Though most women will eventually have a baby within two years of trying, those that can't will be wondering "why can't I get pregnant?"


If you are one of them, before attempting expensive fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization, try a more holistic approach, first. You simply may need a proper regimen of natural herbs, vitamins and supplements to kick your fertility into gear. Talk to a nutritionist or holistic specialist to find out your options.